Hilaire Belloc bought King's Land (in Shipley, Sussex), 5 acres and a working windmill for £1000 in 1907 and it was his home for the rest of his life. Belloc loved Sussex as few other writers have loved her: he lived there for most of his 83 years, he tramped the length and breadth of the county, slept under her hedgerows, drank in her inns, sailed her coast and her rivers and wrote several incomparable books about her. "He does not die that can bequeath Some influence to the land he knows, Or dares, persistent, interwreath Love permanent with the wild hedgerows; He does not die, but still remains Substantiate with his darling plains."

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bargain prices for Belloc and Chesterton books (lots of first edition material)...

Message from the Emerald Isle...

I have recently purchased a private library. I am presently sorting
through the material as my particular interests are Irish history,
Irish literature and the Irish language.

The collection contained a large amount of books by Hilaire Belloc and
GK Chesterton. The majority of these are first editions and are in
very good condition. Clearly the owner was a great admirer of both
Chesterton and Belloc.

From a quick perusal of the material I would say it is close to an
entire collection of their works.

With regards Hilaire Belloc:

From a Bibliography list found on Wikipedia, see

Out of the 150 books authored by Belloc listed, I have 114. I also
have 13 other items written by Belloc that are not listed. There are
a further 13 pamphlets by Belloc. There are also 20 books relating to
Belloc. Also there are a number of duplicates (later editions) of
some of the 1st edition books. And finally the book "Many Cities"
1928) is signed by Belloc.

With regards GK Chesterton:

From a Bibliography list found on Wikipedia, see:

Out of the 115 books authored by Chesterton listed, I have 72. I also
have 14 other items written by Chesterton that are not listed.
Again, there are some duplicates, only a handful. There are also 28
books relating to Chesterton, some of which are signed by the authors.
The book "Queen of Swords Poetry" (1926) is signed by Chesterton. The
"Book of Job" (1916) is a publisher's presentation copy. There are
some bound and loose G.K.'s Weekly. Some of the books are
boxed/cased/leather bound. There are 101 Chesterton Reviews. The
book "Poems"(1915) is signed by the poet Katherine Tynan. And
finally, there is one book by Cecil Chesterton Nell Gwyn (1912).

I do intend to sell the collections, either separately or together.
While I would like to achieve a good and fair price for these
collections, my priority is to secure a good home for the collections.
This will also enable me to defray some of the cost of my original

At your convenience I would appreciate it if you would let me know if
your institution has any interest in these collections. And if not if
you could direct me to an institution, library or a private collector
that would be interested. I appreciate your help in this matter, as
I said previously I wish to find a good home for the collection.

I am working on a detailed inventory at present. I live in Dublin
and should anyone wish to view either collection, that can be arranged.

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

Seán O Mathúna

If you require more details etc please do not hesitate to contact
either me or my father


Regards and thanks,
Ciara O'Mahony.

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  1. Has anyone any idea where I might obtain any books signed by the Great Man, please, and what I might have to pay for one?